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Family Practice

Primary & Alternative Medical Center

Jean Welsh, MD

Covid-19 & Family Medicine Practice located in Silver Spring, MD

Primary & Alternative Medical Center in Silver Springs, Maryland is a family practice that provides care and support to every member of your family. Dr. Jean Welsh and her team provide care throughout the many stages of one's lifetime. This often allows them to get to know patients from an early age and continue working with them over time. This is also helpful because patients don’t need to change physicians as they age out of pediatrics, or as they need geriatric care. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn how a family practice can benefit all the members of your family today.

Family Practice

How is a family practice different than an Internist?

Dr. Welsh and her team of professionals have been trained to treat children, adolescents, and adults. While a typical doctor may care for each patient as an individual, the team at Primary & Alternative Medical Center can assess each patient in the context of his or her entire family.

By being familiar with your whole family, the team can better understand what genetic conditions or familial lifestyle factors may be at play. If certain conditions have already manifested in older members of your family, the team will monitor the younger members and may take preemptive measures.

In working to provide a continuum of care, a family practice can support you throughout your lifetime.

What services are available at a family practice?        

Primary & Alternative Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of services, including routine physicals and sick visits for patients of all ages. For pediatric patients, that also includes childhood vaccinations and immunizations.

What sets Primary & Alternative Medical Center apart is also the range of mainstream and alternative healthcare services provided. Some of the services offered include nutrition counseling, weight loss counseling, and drug addiction support.

The team offers these and other services to supplement your ongoing medical care and improve your overall feeling of well being.

As a family practice, the team doesn’t always focus on providing services to one individual. Wellness services like those already mentioned can involve other members of the family as well, either as a means of support or as active participants themselves.

If one family member is undergoing drug treatment, the rest of the family can participate in support counseling. Similarly, some families endeavor to change their eating habits as a unit, allowing the entire family to lose weight and embark on a healthier lifestyle together.

Can I go to a family practice as an individual?

Of course. Primary & Alternative Medical Center is open to everyone. While patients may opt to receive comprehensive care as part of a family, each patient is still treated as an individual.

No matter how you choose to receive care, the team treats everyone with compassion and expertise. This is achieved while also using the best available diagnostic tools and treatment services.

Dr. Welsh and the Primary & Alternative Medical Center offer complete medical care for individuals and families in Silver Springs, Maryland. Call or make an appointment online and start on the path to meeting your medical, physical and emotional goals.

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