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Physical Exams

Primary & Alternative Medical Center

Jean Welsh, MD

Covid-19 & Family Medicine Practice located in Silver Spring, MD

An annual physical, also known as a wellness exam, is an essential way for your doctor to make sure you are healthy. This regular check-up is also useful for detecting medical problems before they become serious. Dr. Welsh and the professional staff at Primary & Alternative Medical Center provide comprehensive physicals to adults and children out of their Silver Spring, Maryland office. The team does everything they can to ensure your ongoing health. Call today or book an appointment online for an annual physical exam.

Physical Exams

What happens during a physical exam?

Your annual physical exam provides your doctor with an opportunity to conduct a thorough assessment of your health. For adults, this exam includes:

  • Checking your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature)
  • Drawing blood (to test cholesterol, blood count, blood sugar and more)
  • A physical exam (checking skin, eyes, ears, throat, abdomen, neurological responses)
  • Review your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, alcohol consumption)
  • Review your medical history

Do children need an annual physical?

Children need an annual physical (wellness exam) to not only ensure their ongoing health but also to make sure they are meeting cognitive and physical milestones each year. Also, your child will be able to receive vaccinations and immunizations on a regular basis. That’s particularly important during school-age years.

During a pediatric wellness exam, your doctor will conduct a thorough physical similar to that of an adult. Your doctor will also talk to the parents of the child about their academic and social life, daily exercise, and more to get an overall sense of the child’s emotional well-being. Teens will be able to discuss sexual health during the exam privately.

Should I ask questions during an annual physical?

Your annual physical exam is a great time to ask questions. During your appointment, you should speak to your doctor about any new concerns you have about your health.

Some of the things that are worth mentioning to your doctor include new aches or pains, changes in digestion or regularity, personal issues, lifestyle changes, and other physical or emotional factors that may be impacting your health.

Dr. Welsh spends a great deal of time on this exam to ensure that all aspects of your health are covered. Her goal is for you to feel like all of your questions have been answered. She never wants patients to feel rushed or have their concerns overlooked.

A comprehensive physical exam is the cornerstone of good health. Make sure you have an annual wellness exam at Primary & Alternative Medical Center, so health issues don't become severe.

Catching symptoms early can make a big difference in your health and in treatment outcomes. Call or make an appointment online today.